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Welcome to my Humanities portfolio! I recommend viewing the portfolio in the order of the links to the right of this post. The order reflects a chronological timeline of the progress of my work in the Humanities program throughout the year! The chronology is by unit, so for example, my interpretation of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” represents a text from the first unit back in the fall, and my research paper on Buddhism as philosophy represents my final submission for the year. The links will not open in a new tab, so you can either use the back arrow or use the homepage links provided for convenience when exploring the different pages. I make references and connections to course content throughout the year within several pages of my portfolio. The lecture slides and readings referenced are provided on separate pages above for downloading and viewing. Footnotes will elaborate on why the lecture/reading is relevant to my portfolio, provide rhetorical questions expanding beyond the content in the portfolio, and provide a direct link back to any pages it is used in.  I provided the reference pages as the top menu to give you the readers the option to read through the sources before engaging with my portfolio’s pages.   

Why the cover image of Martin Luther King Jr. in jail?

You may be wondering why I chose my cover image. Martin Luther King sits in Jefferson County Jail in Alabama on November 3rd, 1967 with his eyes gazing towards the outside world beyond his cell. 1 King sits in a thinking pose, with his thumbs under his chin and his fingers from his left hand pressed against his lips. He appears to be using his time in jail to silently reflect on life. The photo makes me wonder; what is he thinking about? When life gets stressful, I always take time to sit down and reflect on what has happened and how I can try to approach what will come next. I try to take time to think about my purpose in the world, and I attempt to bring my ideas from personal reflection to the portfolio. The different pages represent my work and thinking throughout the Humanities course this year. I try to explain what was most meaningful to me through the ideas expressed within the portfolio’s pages as I investigate the Humanities. Martin Luther King Jr. embodies a thinker in the Humanities and his work is crucial towards evaluating the progress of society. I unfortunately cannot solve world problems within the scope of this project like King worked toward doing with his work during the Civil Rights Movement, but I hope that my portfolio can serve as an example for what thinking can be in the Humanities. I am proud of my work showcased here, and I thank you for visiting!

Finally, I wanted to acknowledge and thank the people who have helped me with my work this year. Thanks to Professor Zamir and Professor Denham for your support and expertise as I’ve developed this portfolio. Thanks to fellows Ellie, Haley, and Michael as well!


  1. Here is a link to the article where I found the image:  King Image Article 

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